About OSC

For the past two seasons, an ensemble of professional actors has wowed audiences and critics alike with fresh, contemporary, clear and accessible Shakespeare productions.

The ensemble works continuously on unlocking Shakespeare’s verse for actors and audiences – Shakespeare for the audience member who thinks he or she isn’t going to ‘get it’ but can and does. The ensemble then took that work into acclaimed productions of Henry V evoking modern themes and images of current wars, and As You Like It, centred around a WWE wrestling match and the four pairs of lovers “in the ring”.

Now, the artistic leaders of this ensemble, which include director Charles McFarland, actors Michael Mancini and Scott Angus Wilson, are moving forward with the newly-named Ottawa Shakespeare Company, or OSC.

Working through the fall and winter of 2010-2011 with a new ensemble, and in association with the Ottawa Theatre School, the OSC will produce a ‘re:mixed’ production of Hamlet in the new 250-seat Centrepointe Studio Theatre.

So what will the experience be for you, the audience of Hamlet 2011? You will stop worrying about whether you’re getting each and every word and instead relax into the momentum of the verse. Even if you don’t understand every word, you will be surprised how clear Shakespeare’s language is.

The Theatre

The Ottawa Shakespeare Company’s performs in the soon-to-be complete Centrepointe Studio Theatre.  This intimate ‘arcade’ venue seats 250 and its versatility will enable us to create the most intriguing Shakespeare you have ever seen.

Getting Here:

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I uploaded a YouTube video -- Hamlet2011: A Prologue http://youtu.be/1MHF9EY56Gg?a